23rd May 2020

Publication of prizes

In addition to the start of the biggest season at Server Voting™️, we have published the prices of 2020. With a total win of $255, this top prize of the year is an Apple TV HD.

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An opportunity for everyone

We give your network a new reach. Assuming you sell your network well to users. A good concept and exclusive functions make your network unique and users want to see that. The prize money won opens new doors for your network. Here everyone has a chance to grow up.


Largest Tournament Organizer

With over 500 thousand viewers every month and over 3 thousand votes, Server Voting™ ️ is the largest tournament organizer for Minecraft networks in Europe. Networks can prove themselves against each other with new prices every year and the community can participate! Inspire your community to make your network Germany's most popular Minecraft network.

Year 2020



Best Minecraft
network in Germany

Apple TV HD
or $100 Credit


Second best Minecraft
network in Germany

Razer Basilisk V2
or $50 Credit


Third best Minecraft
network in Germany

25$ Credit

General Rules


  • Insults of all kinds, which are published on the network's Twitter account, must be avoided.
  • Respect and dignity towards the event management and the opponent is required.
  • Spreading rumors and lies about the opposing network will be punished.


  • Accounts created in July, June, May and April are blocked for security reasons.
  • In the event of a conspicuous double account of a network, a exclusion will be imposed immediately.
  • The requests to create double accounts or similar are punished with a permanent exclusion. In general, any manipulation of votes is punished with an exclusion.


  • Giveaways in connection with Server Voting™ ️ are prohibited throughout the season and will be punished with a disqualification.
  • Owners are responsible for the entire team and are therefore liable or accept the punishment.
  • Networks that violate the law are punished with disqualification.

The administration monitors all participants, as well the voting.
This policy was last edited on 23rd May 2020.
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