17th March 2020


We celebrate 5 years Hyrien Incorporated.
A milestone in the history of Hyrien. Exactly 5 years ago, we founded Hyrien and have been building our company ever since. Over the years we have reached more than two million people and collected positive feedback. We thank you for this today with the launch of Hyrien Saturn and many competitions on Twitter. THANK YOU!

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Hyrien Incorporated

New version, better concept.

Hello bright future of our Minecraft network. In a completely new light, a brand new and unique concept, our network launches. "We are different.", can say our management. On the latest Minecraft version we bring out something spectacular, for each player individually. Excited? Check out our Twitter page for more information.


Don't be a black sheep

of society and use less plastic in your life.



The upcoming 3rd version of our network is approaching. We change everything and you can be a part. Your ideas can be implemented. Our forum is ideal for concept proposals and smaller details. Sign up today.