24th April 2020


of our tournament Hyro.
After five years we have created a perfect project. Over 150 players are registered in the database, almost 100 killed and 24 deaths due to enemy mobs.
Now we celebrate the 20th season of our project and you can be there! Register now and play the fight for survival!

Hyrien Incorporated

Welcome to your future.

That's right, your future. Have you ever wondered what's going on behind your day-to-day activities? Ever think about where your garbage goes, which you throw in the bin? These questions and more about your environment we answer here.

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We all contribute something.

There are two reasons why plastic gets into the oceans. These are the laziness of the people, the money of the landfills.

Have you never thrown the paper of your chewing gum into the trash, but just thrown it out into the world? You have probably done this or other things before. This paper flies around in the wide world until it lands in the sewer or directly into a river that flows into a sea.

Several times a month there are amounts in the news against landfills in which the landfills illegally dump waste into the oceans and thus save money. For this purpose, plastic bags can fly away on a truck with the wind, which also saves the landfill money again.

The plastic in the oceans decomposes very slowly and needs to regenerate up to 600 years, depending on which product is in the oceans. These plastic holders or plastic bags can eat or impose themselves in the living beings. In this way the living things can die. But not only animals are affected, we humans too. Due to the decomposition of the plastic in the oceans, microplastics are found, which are also found in our drinking water today. We even drink or eat this microplastic. According to a person eats about a credit card a week. So we get around a quarter of a pound of plastic in it at the end of the year.

Has something like that ever crossed your mind? Probably not. You too can make a difference today, because the more people change things, the less plastic lands in the oceans and the less creatures, be it animals or humans die of it. Supported organizations like Sky Ocean Rescue or 4ocean. Animate friends to this page Hyrien.com/leaf and change something together.

Your future is dependent on you and your fellow human beings.

Project Leaf of Hyrien Inc.

More about plastic consumption and more here at Hyrien Incorporated.