1st July 2020

Annual Good Deed

Fight with us against blood cancer.
It's been a year since we started the Annual Good Deed. Last year we donated an incredible $414 to 4Ocean. This year is going in a completely different direction. We decided on the German Red Cross and a donation for blood cancer.
With the addition of one of our popular bots, we donate ¢50 to people with blood cancer. Now you can help too!

Add your bot

Music with the best quality.

The latest charts or do you prefer the 10s? You can put together and listen to your music flow according to your taste and that's not all! We offer an exclusive quality of music especially for you, so that you can get even more relaxed through work, your workout or your free time.

Minecraft Network

Fun at the highest level.

Coincidentally gamer? Then we have something for you. Minecraft, the game of the last 10 years and everyone knows it. Latest version, new concept and much more behind the spectacular Minecraft network of Hyrien. We want more than just fun and customized systems for every person.

Hyrien Tournaments

Only the strongest wins!

Between more than 128 players, only the stronger, with the better tactics and luck can win. After more than 20 seasons of Hyro, we have developed and designed a better system for you than ever before. More fun, more projects and tournaments and with even more prize money. Join today and become the best.

Server Voting™️

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

No, this isn't about chicken or poultry, but about the best Minecraft network in Germany! Between 48 networks, only three can reach the podium. Only the community decides which network is better. Each season, over 3,000 people vote and over 500,000 people watch. Vote for your favorite now.