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Server Voting continues...

Good day dear users of Hyrien Inc.,

Good news to all users and participants from our service Server Voting. We're going to the next round!
All interesting information about 2020 at Server Voting is now available.

Five new seasons
We are going through the whole year with five seasons. Compared to the previous year, there are now two new seasons to bring more fun and excitement to the voting process.
We list here a calendar on which dates special events or seasons begin:
- Season 4: Start from 1st February 2020
- Season 5: Start from 4th April 2020
- Publication of prices: 23rd May 2020
- Season 6 Group stage: Start from 6th June 2020
- Season 6 Finals: Start from 4th July 2020
- Season 7: Start from 5th September 2020
- Season 8: Start from 1st November 2020
- Playoffs: 11th December 2020
- Publication of the ranking: 20th December 2020 at 2pm ET

Special new requirements
Because more complaints have arisen, because were never had requirements, we are now setting specific requirements, which we list here and can also be found on the website:

The network must...
- be a Minecraft server and not a Minecraft project.
- bring special content to the Minecraft network.
- exist until January 2021; Maintenance is permitted provided they are no longer than half of the year.
- consist of a competent team.
- have a previously friendly relationship with the event management Hyrien Inc..

If all requirements are met, you can send a direct message to @ServerVoting on Twitter. It is possible that the management favors you as a network and you are automatically included in the next season.

Prices and more
So what is there to win for the first four places? Last year you won a total of $250 and we said we'd put a little more on it this year and that's exactly what we're going to do. Since there are many new products on the market by the middle of the year, we won't release any prices until the start of the exclusive season 6, but we are putting the total price at $400.
Already mentioned earlier, the exclusive 6th season. In June and July we host the largest Server Voting game ever. 48 participants are planned in a season, who will for victory in the two months. There are double points in this season.
Complaints have also increased because we didn't have rules for Server Voting. That is now the end. The complete rules can now be found on the website of our service Server Voting. In the event of a violation, the network will immediately be disqualified for 2020.

We wish you a lot of fun with the service Server Voting and wish all networks the best of luck!

With kind regards
Your Hyrien Incorporated team

Leaf Project - The new era.

Good day dear users of Hyrien Inc.,


Learn more about the Leaf Project, the latest service of Hyrien Incorporated. What the service includes and what are the so-called Leaf packages, you will find out here. Consecrate the service with us now and be directly part of the Leaf Project.

The Leaf Project
Our new service starts under the name Leaf Projects and is the start into our future. With the new Leaf Project you will unconsciously or even consciously do something for your environment, because you are always facing further challenges and learn more about what you consume in your everyday life. Because we can not do something for the environment alone, you can set yourself a goal for the Leaf Project every day and you can check yourself if you have achieved it or not. In addition to the upcoming education, there are still some areas that we will not reveal here yet and will be released in the first version.

In addition to the already mentioned daily challenges, which you can ask yourself, we start in the field of education. Because there is a little bit or nothing environmental education at school, Hyrien Inc. provides order worksheets for schools, which update themselves at a certain time interval. Incidentally, there is a trial version in which you can first test how we look at the respective worksheets and in retrospect can decide whether to buy a package or not. We want to make it possible to learn from a young age to pay more attention to their own environment.

What happens now?
On our website in November 2019 new pages will be released, where you can inform yourself about the topic and set the first goals. In the second phase, the first Leaf packages will be unlocked, which are available for purchase and can try out the first trial version. Prices are expected to be unlocked in the coming weeks on Google and we will show the first insights of Twitter.

We hope you are just as excited about the first moves in the new era as we are and actively follow the Leaf Project. As the saying goes, "the way to greatness is with others." and that's exactly what we can do now. Start now with us in the Leaf Project.

With kind regards
Your Hyrien Incorporated team

Following Experience Update

Good evening dear users of Hyrien Inc.,


From now on our Minecraft server will be in maintenance for a long time. The reason for the maintenance is we have planned a major update "Hyrien Experience" for our users of the Minecraft network and are already working on it in our team.

What will be new?
We don't want to spoiler much yet, but we can say that we have started with another lead the start of the network fully to the latest Minecraft version to provide more features and of course more fun. The whole update requires a lot of concentration and patience, because we want to start with our first own cloud and of course we want to open the upcoming update with a lot of professionalism. Unlike all other networks, our server should have a special release, so we can impress any of you. All further information can be found on the Minecraftsite on our website.

How long are the maintenance?
Of course, we want to reopen the server for everyone as soon as possible, that everyone can play on it, but the Experience Update is huge. We expect to release the update between September and October. The information is't guarantee.

Your ideas should be part of the update?
Ideas from the users themselves are welcome at us, as we can fulfill your private wishes and give you even better fun. If your are interested, register in a few seconds in the forum and write your favorite wishes in a thread.

What happens in the months before the opening?
The company Hyrien Inc. receives a completely new concept, which will be presented and started in the upcoming weeks. In addition to the new concept, we have planned many updates that not affect our Minecraft server.

Now to all who have played with us over the past 4 years. We started with Minecraft projects and continued with the first Minecraft server. We have now really decided that Hyrien Inc. will an official company, which will be registered. Therefore, we are asking everyone who still says we are a Minecraft network to stop saying this because we are no longer a Minecraft network.

That was a lot of information for the big Experience Update next fall 2019. We hope that this information has surprised you and you are interested in the new version. We wish you all a restful and wonderful rest of the day.

With kind regards
Your Hyrien Incorporated team

Annual Good Deed 2019

Good evening,


The annual good deed is finally here! We will be campaigning for plastic clearance in the oceans this year!

› What do we want to achieve?
Every year we do a good deed. Last year, we donated € 235 to AIDS Hilfe Deutschland. This year we want to donate even more to the organization 4Ocean. Incidentally, we want that everyone known what we do every day and what the consequences are, and we hope to reduce plastic consumption.

Below this text you will find the link to all further information.
End: 1st of October 2019

We are looking forward to three great months in which we will hopefully collect a lot of page views.

With kind regards
Your Hyrien Incorporated team

Update v2.1

Good evening,


Lets go with a new version! The 2.1! Many new games and of course many new features! Learn more about it now!

› What's new?
We are bringing more than three new games for our players on our network. Many systems are rewritten and covered with many features. For the conclusion of the V2, we will look at all games that exist so far in the smallest detail and fix all errors.

Below you come to the trailer and the release date.

29th June 2019 8pm BST
Trailer: Watch now
All updates: Click here

We are happy when many players are present at the release of this big update! Have fun!

With kind regards
Your Hyrien Incorporated team